👮Server Rules

Please be sure to read the rules!

Please be sure to read the rules carefully to prevent yourself from getting punished. We provide rules here to keep everyone safe, and you are responsible for your actions. Failure to follow the rules will result in punishment. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

Additional Server Rules

No Player Trapping

  1. Trapping players or tricking players into your traps are prohibited and it will result in a ban. This isn’t Factions, don’t treat it as such.

  2. TP killing/trapping or attempting to is not allowed.

Information Regarding Refunds

  1. If someone accidentally buys something from you. You are not responsible for refunding them. However you may refund them if you would like to.

No Bypassing Punishment

  1. You are punished such as banned, muted, kicked, or jailed. Do not find ways to bypass it. Bypassing it will result in you being banned.

No VPN Usage

  1. You are not allowed to use a VPN to join any server or find ways to bypass it.

Alt Accounts

  1. Alt accounts are allowed for AFK farming as long you follow the no job farming rule which is written below. But you cannot use it to bypass punishments, exploits, or glitch it will result in a punishment.

No Begging for items / ranks from players / staff’s

  1. Do not beg, or ask for ranks or items to be spawned in by admins or for them to run commands that you wouldn't normally have access to (excluding ones to investigate other rule-breakers or repair damage that they have caused).

Shop, Economic, and Trades Rules

No Scamming / reselling

  1. Scamming others with in-game money and items are prohibited and it will result in a ban.

  2. You are not allowed to resell other players banners, artmap works, books, or any of their original works without their permission.

No job farming / Using Alt for Job Farming

  1. You can earn money from jobs physically attacking mobs and mining manually. Any afk farming such as auto-clicking with the hunters job or AFK while earning money from the jobs is prohibited. Finding ways to bypass it will result in a punishment.

Misleading Staff / False Information

  1. 1 Misleading staff into recovering stolen or lost goods that were stolen, bugged, or lost is not allowed

  2. 2. Misleading staff into refunding broken or lost items are not allowed.

Trades / Fake Item Trading / Third Party Trading

  1. No scamming in trades.

  2. No Trading fake items (example: selling a fake crate key) is consider scamming

  3. If the trade is started it must be completed or reversed. If the trade is not completed after it has started it will be considered a scam.

  4. Third party trading is not allowed

Auction house advertisement

1. Advertising in /ah isn’t allowed at all

Farm Rules

Farm exploits

  1. You are not allowed to use farming exploits for the sole purpose of abusing the market. Also please be aware that public farms are for the benefits of all players, and items taken from such establishments to be sold will not be tolerated.

Farm AFK

  1. Afk farms are only allowed if you are loading an area. Any farm that requires auto-clicking, such as using left or right click is prohibited. This includes the use of the F3 + T to keep the player clicking.

  2. Fish Machines are not allowed.

No Lag Machines / excessively large Redstone mechanisms

  1. Redstone machines are allowed, but they need to be kept to a reasonable size and not cause a large amount of lag for nearby players. If you’re not sure if your Redstone qualifies, ask a staff member. There are limits to certain redstone items you can use per chunk. Please head onto our wiki page for more information about it -> COMING SOON!

  2. Any lag machines or any builds that cause large server lag will be removed by the staff team.

  3. Players in violation of this rule will be warned, and if the issue isn’t resolved in a timely manner the excess entities will be removed by Staff.

No Entity Cramming

  1. Entity cramming is not allowed.

No Portal Farms

  1. Portal farms are not allowed.

No Chunk Reloading

  1. Any form of chunk reloading for farming isn’t allowed at all.

Claim and Building Rules

Don’t build within 100 blocks of a player without their permission

  1. Players have a right to not be forced to live near players that they don’t want to. Always check the surrounding area for other players’ builds! If asked to move your house, then you can either do so yourself or ask for staff help.

  2. Do not use areas surrounding other players’ builds as areas for resource gathering. This falls under the ‘no griefing’ rule!

No Griefing / Theft / Trespassing

  1. Modifying other players' builds or abandoned builds is considered griefing and results in a ban. This includes methods that either add blocks (placing blocks by hand, cobble monsters, etc.) and ones that subtract blocks (breaking blocks by hand, TNT).

  2. Stealing other players crops or items without their consent is considered theft and results in a ban.

  3. Breaking into another player’s property in a way that damages the build is considered griefing. Look with your eyes, not with your pickaxe!

  4. You are not allowed to grief or steal from unclaimed builds and abandon builds.

Respect other people claims

  1. If someone asks you to leave their claim, please do so or the staff will force you to leave. Refusing to leave will result in a punishment.

  2. If someone asks you to build 100 blocks or move your 100 blocks away from them please do so. You need help, feel free to ask a staff member. Refusing to move your builds or ignoring staff warnings (telling you to move your build) will be forcefully removed by a staff member.

  3. Killing players' animals and pets is not allowed.

Players are not allowed to claim over other players’ builds without permission from the person who originally built it. The claim will be removed (without refunding the claim blocks), and the player in question will be given a warning.

  1. Unless you are gifted the build, the build belongs to the person who placed the blocks, not the one who owns the claim (The claim will be removed without refunding the claim blocks, and the player in question will be given a warning.)

  2. Claiming other players belonging is not allowed.

No Inappropriate builds

  1. Symbolism of anything sexual, racist, controversial, or hateful are not allowed, and the builder will have their build removed and banned if they do not remove it.

Hacks, Bugs, and Exploits Rules

No Hacking / use of Exploits

  1. X-Ray mods and texture packs are prohibited and it will result in a ban.

  2. Hacked Clients are prohibited and will result in a ban.

  3. Mods that do not affect vanilla mechanics are allowed (ex. Optifine).

  4. The use of exploits in the vanilla game to gain an unfair advantage are banned.

  5. Taking advantage of bugs/glitches leads to a punishment. If you spot any form of bugs or glitches, report it to a staff member asap.

Spawn World and Pinata Party Location

No Flying, Speed flying, or Speed walking

1. We do not allow flying, speed flying, or speed walking within the spawn world. Especially the pinata party location because it’s a disadvantage among other players.

Server Chat Rules (Also applies to Discord)

Do not be disrespectful to players or staff members

  1. Do not talk back to a staff member. We’re here to make everyone’s experience here enjoyable, and that means enforcing rules. If you don’t like that, then you are free to leave.

  2. Staff have final say whether an action follows or breaks a rule. Ignoring a staff member will result in a warning or an escalation of the broken rule in question.

  3. If a player is uncomfortable with something that you’re saying/doing and you continue to do it, it will result in a warning.

Impersonating other players or staff members is prohibited

  1. All staff will have either a [Helper], [Mod], [Sr.Mod], [Admin], or [Owner] prefix in front of their name. Anyone who doesn’t have these is not staff!

  2. Players are only obligated to follow directions from other players that are explicitly written in these rules.

  3. Do not share personal information that could be used to identify yourself or something else such as social media profiles, full name, phone numbers, house address, etc. Age, your first name, country, etc are fine.

  4. Staff impersonating is not allowed such as claiming to be a staff member or changing your name to resemble a staff member’s name is not allowed.

No swearing

  1. Finding a way to bypass it will result in a warning or being muted. Continuing to do so will result in a ban. We have a profanity filter for a reason!

  2. This includes leetspeak, misspellings, etc. of inappropriate words.

Do not be racist, sexual, verbal abusing, and inappropriate toward players or staff members

  1. Anything that could be considered derogatory, elitist, crude, or in any way hurtful to a player is grounds for a punishment.

  2. Avoid talking about any controversial topics in public chat. We’re here to enjoy ourselves, and not get into an argument.

  3. Verbal abuse isn’t allowed. It will result in a permanent ban.

Advertising 3rd party sites is prohibited

  1. Do not advertise any server IP's, server names, websites, or YouTube channels; it will result in a permanent ban.

  2. This rule is meant to save players from visiting sites that are unsafe, inappropriate, or generally anything that is not a part of the server. If you’re not sure if your site is allowed, ask staff.

  3. Informational sites like the Minecraft Wiki are allowed.

No Spamming chat messages, commands or excessive caps

  1. ‘Spamming’ is considered any message that contains a large amount of random characters or any message that is repeated several times in quick succession. Spammers will be warned, and if they continue they will be muted.

  2. Commands that send a message in either global chat or to another player (/tpa, /afk, /msg, etc.) are also considered spam.

  3. Do not use exclusive caps in chat (Example: HI HOW ARE YOU?).

No Drama:***

  1. Keep all of the drama out of our community, and be sure to avoid it, or you will be permanently banned. This is a no drama zone.

  2. Arguments in chat are no excuse to not follow any of the above rules, and their punishments will often compound if you let it get out of hand. Be careful!

No Trolling in Chat

  1. Trolling in chat will result in a ban.

  2. Only speak English Please only speak English in the global chat but we do not mind you speaking a different language in private messages. (Most staff only speak English, and to properly do their job staff need to understand everything said in chat. Anyone that doesn’t will be assumed to be doing something against the rules since they don’t want to mention it in a way that staff can understand.)

Rules Violation

  1. Encouraging players to violate rules is not allowed.

No Politics and Religious

  1. Political and Religious chat is not allowed.

Please do not be annoying

  1. Begging of staff in any form of way for a staff rank or asking when the helper application will be back open. Keep an eye out on the announcement channel in discord, we will let you all know when the staff application will be available.

  2. Please do not ask or beg staff members to review your helper application. It will lead to an instant denial.

English in public chat only

  1. Please only speak English in the global chat but we do not mind you speaking a different language in private messages. (Most staff only speak English, and to properly do their job staff need to understand everything said in chat. Anyone that doesn’t will be assumed to be doing something against the rules since they don’t want to mention it in a way that staff can understand.)

Discord Rules

  1. Do not overuse the "@everyone", “@member”, or similar commands to ping a large group of people in discord. These are reserved for announcements from the Staff ONLY.

  2. No racist, sexual, and inappropriate music or post advertising videos in the music channel (Racist, sexual, inappropriate music or any kind of advertisements in the music channel are prohibited and result in a ban from the Discord channel.) * Here’s a helpful link to dyno bot music commands: https://www.jockiemusic.com/commands*

Minecraft account Rules

  1. No inappropriate in-game names, skins, or capes (If caught with one, you will be asked to change it before returning onto the server. If you do not, you will be banned.) * Discord names and profile pictures are also subject to this rule. *

Discord Ban Appeal Rules

  1. When writing a ban appeal, make sure to follow the given format. Posts that don’t will be denied and must be redone if you wish to return to the server. (Ban appeals can only be done by the player that is banned. Any ban appeal that is written to another player will automatically be denied. Appeals are meant to be a plea for innocence/mercy depending on the case, which can only be shown by the player who was banned.

Mods that are prohibited

  1. Ghost client

  2. xRay Client/Resource Pack

  3. BetterPvP

  4. Hack Clients

  5. Auto Clicker

  6. World Downloader

  7. Printer

  8. Scripts

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