🏡Land Claiming

What is Land Claiming?

Land claiming allows players to claim their builds to prevent griefers from breaking it.

How to setup a claim?

To claim land right-click one corner of the area you want to claim with a golden shovel, and with it still in the right hand right-click the opposite corner with the golden shovel too.

  • You can head onto /warp info in-game for the tutorial or watch the tutorial video that is provided below.

  • /kit claim in-game to get a golden shovel.

How to get more claim blocks?

  • Every one hour to play on Havencraft you will receive 150 claim blocks.

  • You can /vote in-game to get 100 claim blocks.

  • You can purchase claim blocks from our store -> https://store.havencraftmc.com/

Here is a video tutorial

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