🛒Player Shop

Chest Shop

You must be a [SETTER] rank or above to create your own shop. But everyone can buy and sell from players shop.

How to create chest shops?

  • First step: look at the shop you want to create

  • Second step: Hold item that you want to setup a buy or sell sign than type /qs create <price>

    • Example: /qs create 15 -> $15 is the price value!

  • Third Step: While looking at the chest, you can either change your shop type to a buy shop or a sell shop by typing /qs buy or /qs sell

  • Final Step: Stock your items!


  • You can right-click on players buy shop and sell shop to view the tools and armors enchantments.

Useful Commands

Look at your chest shop while typing the command.

  • /qs create <price> -> To create your shop

  • /qs remove -> To remove your shop

  • /qs amount -> To set item amount

  • /qs buy -> Change a shop to buy mode

  • /qs sell -> Change a shop to sell mode

  • /qs transfer -> All your shop to another player

  • /qs staff -> Manage staff in your shop.

    • /qs staff add <player> -> Add a player as staff to your shop.

    • /qs staff del <player> -> Remove a player as staff from your shop.

    • /qs staff clear -> Remove all staff-members from your shop.

    • /qs staff list -> Show all current staff-members of your shop

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