📗Crafting Book

What is Craft Book?

  • Craft book has extended bridges, compact Redstone circuits, complex Minecart mechanics, and much more! It offers a variety of unique mechanics.

  • We did disable a list of crafting books for a variety of reasons which are server performances, issues, and interference. Above this list are items that are disabled.

    • CraftBook Items Disabled - (We don't have any plan on enabling these for a variety of reasons which are listed above.)

      - CommandItems

      - CommandSigns

      - ToggleArea

      - TreeLooper (It's a monthly crate item)

      - HeadDrops (It's a monthly crate item)

      - Teleporter

      - Payment

      - Sign Editor (VIP perk and Player Perk)

      - Chairs (What the use when I already have a chair plugin)

      - Variables

      - ChunkAnchor

      - CustomCrafting

      - CustomDrops

      - MapChanger

Which ranks has access to using Crafting Book?

  • Survival Realm: You must be an Apprentice rank or above ranks to use crafting book.

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